Spontaneous song

The-Well-Post-Spontaneous-magesLeann Albrecht w/ Carl Albrecht & team. / Spontaneous songs at The Well
During prayer & intercession at The Well of Nashville sometimes these spontaneous songs will break out. Join us as we respond to the presence of the Lord.


  1. Emilio Cousin says:

    keep striving and waving the blood staine banner of our lord Jesus.

  2. Vanessa Dolby says:

    How I wish there was a well here in Springfield. Thanks for building up the body of Christ in Nashville. Maybe one day I will be able to visit.

  3. Barbara Mitchell says:

    I’ve been watching the Well now for about a year, and always have been encouraged in my spirit…. so glad you
    have this program where God is lifted up and I see along with you all.

    God bless everyone at the well….

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