Watch The Well of Nashville Church

We are thoroughly enjoying our new location for The Well of Nashville Church at Scarritt Bennett. Last weeks service was videoed …. thanks Elliott!  We had a GREAT time in the presence of the Lord. Take a look.

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  1. Marlo Lynn says:

    Sunday morning and I slept in. Looking thru my emails and ran across Carl’s Newsletter. Followed the link to The Well of Nashville. Extremely blessed…that’s all I have to say. Thank You.

  2. Excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed worshiping with you tonight! Awesome to see the pastor play the drums and the guitar at the same time! Merry Christmas to you wonderful people!
    Love Lee and Jack

    • Thanks Lee & Jack. Yea, it gets a little tricky doing everything at once. Thanks for your prayers. Blessings, Carl & Leann too.

  3. Shelley Buckley says:

    From the land of cold, Iowa, I worship with you all. I adore the flavor of worship that GOD directs from here. Thanks for letting us enjoy from afar!

    • Thanks Shelley… join us anytime. So glad the Lord is touching people everywhere. Blessings, Carl & Leann

  4. Debbie Phillips says:

    Dear Leann,

    Just watching this today. Soooo wonderful to see your faces and hear the beautiful music. I’ll be in town tomorrow. I’m speaking at Spring Hill High School this Thursday at 1:30. You’re welcome to come and see. I miss your face :0) Love you!

    • Hi Debbie, So glad you’re here. Join us at The Well of Nashville if you can. Sorry we’ll have to miss your event at Spring Hill High School. May the Lord give you wisdom; words; and wild surprises. 🙂 Blessings, Carl & Leann

  5. Rev. Howard Alperin says:

    I was there in March for surgery at Vandy and while checking in at the Bennett House they told me about your service. We came to the service and was really blessed. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and was given true peace. I was very concerned about the surgery and Dr. Devin had explained to me that it was a dangerous surgery but required. When I was taken to surgery I felt the Holy Spirit was in the room with me and was in charge of all the doctors were doing. I thank you for offering such a Spirit filled service! Grace and Peace.
    Rev. Dr. Howard Alperin
    Hickory Withe, TN

  6. Lee Brown says:

    Carl and Leann and Team!

    Thank you for your years of faithfulness on the Wall in Nashville. You have no idea how your love and worship to God is holding back the hordes of hell in our city. Someday when you all stand before God He will show you the playbacks and I believe you will see how your worship and prayers super charged the angels as they battled for the lost and dying. You will see how the angels were gathered around you with hands raised to the Father as you sang your praises to our precious Jesus.
    We believe your prayers and worship is softening the spiritual ground of our city and our state in preparation for the Great Visitation of God! That is so exciting…what an honor that God chose you all to do this for Him! Be encouraged God is so pleased with your faithfulness!

    We love you all !
    Jack and Lee

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