Word for The Well of Nashville – From the desk of Pastor Leann Albrecht
July 10th, 2019



Wednesday afternoon – I was a bit troubled that I still had no particular “leading” for the service that night. It seemed like nothing was stirring in my spirit. Feeling overwhelmed with physical tiredness, I decided to lie down on the couch as Carl and I prayed. Within a few minutes, this word began to flow out of me and infused energy began to fill my body. This is what the Lord said to me regarding the people of the Well and our journey as a church.

I have placed in your “Tribe” generals of the faith. Each life has matured “into” me at a great cost. 

Tell the people this:
There is no price that can equate your worth. You are priceless in the Kingdom of heaven! Your worth is beyond measure. The weight of my values and things that are important to me, rest deeply in your spirits. I honor you for your faithfulness…. for being “hard” after me…for not giving up…for standing with me even when nothing made sense. Nothing is ever wasted because every step of your journey is redeemed by me. You have only good to gain. Evil has no power or future in your life.

I have called you into Sonship…to be a light…to be a powerful force…. to be Me in the earth. To release the kingdom of heaven into the earth. You are the gateway by which I choose to enter. You are my chosen ones. You are those whose sole intent and delight is to follow me…. to embrace my ways and to speak my truth in love.

Your calling isn’t popular right now. To walk in Sonship wasn’t popular even when I walked the face of the earth…. and I was the Son. The spirits of darkness hated me too. You have accepted the calling to walk as I walked, talk as I talked, and do what the Father shows you to do. Everywhere I went I released the good news…. As the life, the truth and the way, I made a way for intimate relationship with the Father, Me and Holy Spirit. The enemy wants to distort, disrupt, and distract you from the knowledge of who you are IN me. …. And who I AM in you. The I AM is in you.

The Well is ahead of “THE times”. However, it is not ahead of God’s time. It does not move in step with normal church trends, however, it is perfectly instep with the Father.

I know The Well is not “trending” like social media events. It’s easy to rise on the flurry of growth…. being carried along with the appearance of success. You can be sure that not all of those “successes” are of my Kingdom. My successes cannot measured according to the value system of this world.

You are like a ship sailing in the ocean of My mysteries. You are the bow of the ship. If you will look at the bow of any ship, it is a narrow place. Don’t worry about the size of your “bow”. The bow is the first part of the ship that separates the water in an ocean voyage. Once it parts the waters, the rest of the boat can easily follow. It’s the same in the spirit. By your obedience to me, you are creating a wake in which many will follow.

There is also much pressure at the front of a ship. It meets the resistance of the force of the water beneath it. But a sea worthy vessel is fortified at the front of the ship. It was made to meet that challenge with strength…. even in the midst of storms and gale force winds, the ship stays steady.  

SO …. stay steady. Do not be discouraged.

Deuteronomy 31:8 (Amplified Bible) It is the Lord Who goes before you; He will march with you; He will not fail you or let you go or forsake you; let there be no cowardice or flinching, but fear not, neither become broken in spirit–depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm.